Who are you? 

Our world values being unique. So much so, that we end up looking the same as we try to be different. But we aren’t a number. We aren’t our clothes, our relationships or our accomplishments. In Christ we are much more. In this series we will compare the message the world constantly tells us about our identity with the truth found in Scripture. The world tells us it’s all about how you look, what you have, what you do and whom you are connected to. But Scripture teaches that while those things can be important, they do not constitute who we are. As followers of Jesus Christ, our identity is found in Him. 

Many of us find our identity in our appearance. How we dress, how we style our hair, how our makeup looks before we walk out the door in the morning. How does God see us? Does He look at the outside appearance or does He look at the heart? 

We make hundreds of choices everyday. Some choices are small and don’t have a lot of impact like what color shirt to wear or what breakfast cereal to eat. But other choices, these major decisions can end up being how others define you. Like whether you lie to your parents or drink at a party or have sex. Sometimes people label us based on our poor choices and that becomes our identity. We will go to the bible and talk about why our past choices don’t have to define who we are and that there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God. 

How do our relationships impact our identity? Relationships are important; we all want to get along with our parents, family, and friends. But do those relationships really define who we are? Many of us have struggled with finding our identity in others, but what does scripture say about healthy relationships with others and with God?