The heat of a SoCal day slowly faded from the sky. Slowly, the chattering of children and adults ebbed as a projector flickered to life on a canvas screen suspended a dozen feet from the asphalt. A sea of people sat, posted up in canvas camping chairs, or sprawled on an astro-turf mat, watching with content expectancy.

Why have these people gathered? To enjoy Disney's Big Hero 6 gathering in the name of both Christ and community.

Last Friday, our church community hosted ____ guests for their third Outdoor Family Movie Night. With numerous families, raffles, hot dogs, nachos, Italian Ice, and an appearance by Baymax himself the parking lot was filled with laughter.

With so much billed, you'd think a family night under the stars would be a big money-making opportunity for our church. However, we've played the movie for free, and charged for snacks at cost, creating an opportunity for families with varying budgets to join in on the fun.

Not only have these events been crafted from families of varying budgets, but of varying backgrounds. During the promotion phase of each event, we at The Sanctuary has encouraged to reach out to people who do not attend church with us and even those who have never attended church at all!

The reason for these events is two-fold, "Because we can!!" says Pastor Marty. Further than this, we hope to show our city that church can be a safe place, especially for those who have been hurt by others in the church. That is not the message of Christ's love, and we want others to know the love of Jesus.

As some of you might know, this isn't the Sanctuary's first time putting on a movie night. In the past, we've centered the events around other family-friendly movie releases such as Frozen, Wreck-it Ralph, and Snowmen! Each time drawing more and more people, and hopefully, showing others that the Church can be a safe place.

So make sure that you keep an eye out as times goes on for our next Outdoor Family Movie Night, so you can keep up with the fun and maybe even join in for your first time!