For our upcoming Outdoor Movie Night we’ll be enjoying Disney’s Big Hero 6 on the big screen under the stars. In the movie, robotics nerd Hiro Hamada discovers an inflatable health care robot Baymax created in the past by his older brother, Tedashi. After a terrible life-changing accident, Hiro and Baymax team up with four other nerds to save their hometown San Fransokyo from an evil super villain trying to take over with Hiro’s invention.

So you might be asking, what does a kid, a marshmallow robot and an evil super villain have to do with church?

Well, this is the part where you might be expecting an analogy about how Jesus is like one character in the story and how we are like another character being saved. Maybe that analogy is there… maybe not… but that’s not the point.

The reason we exist as the local church (The Sanctuary), as The Church (the body of Christ around the world), and as individuals & families in our communities is to glorify God, be in relationship with Him through Jesus and lead others to do the same.

Leading others to do so has to begin somewhere. Sometimes it’s a co-worker, other times a neighbor, and others on a sports field. But it all starts with “hello.” It begins with a conversation that only you can start. You are the only hope for those who are around you. For many of us it’s intimidating: “How do I talk to someone about Jesus?” “How do I start a conversation?” “What if I offend them?” “How do I invite someone to church?”

So what do we do?

Well, this is where we come to the idea of a movie night. This is our opportunity to invite someone to “church” when it’s not church… and we don’t mean the building. YOU are the church. I am the church. WE are the church. Our friendships, our time together outside these walls, our laughing, our crying, our meals together… that is the church and that is what people are desperate for, often before they realize they’re desperate for Jesus.

People want to BELONG before they’ll BELIEVE. So imagine a guest coming to a movie night and being able to sit for awhile before the show starts, have a bite to eat, let their kids play, meet some new people (that’s us) and then… for those guests to see how awesome it is to belong somewhere… to laugh with us, play with us (ok, maybe just the kids will play), talk with us, enjoy a movie with us, eat with us… WITH YOU.

That’s church. That’s community. That’s Jesus. That’s what our world wants… YOU. Me. US. Then they’ll want to come back. Then they’ll HEAR the Good News of Jesus and His love, but only after they’ve already experienced and FELT His love.

So grab a flyer and give it to a friend.
Join the event on Facebook and invite your neighbor.
Visit our web calendar and share it with your co-workers.

Start a conversation. Baymax (the big marshmallow guy) could be the very thing that allows you to change eternity for the people around you this summer.

- Pastor Andy Gregory