I think we all crave a taste of God’s redemptive power. I also think we love to be reminded of God’s redemption in the midst of our community.

Enter Laura and Frank Fischer.

Married for eight years this July, Frank and Laura have been at this church for the duration of their time together, while Laura is a long-time partner of almost two-decades.

In their time amidst our community they have served in almost every ministry imaginable. They have tagged, greeted, done Audio Visual, led numerous Life Groups, worked Grow on the Go, written for Family in Focus, driven church vans, served on our church council, led our Breaking Free financial freedom courses, and they are looking forward to leading Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University for our Life Groups this coming Fall.

Frank works as a Regional Housing Administrator for BeGroup, where he helps provide housing services for senior citizens. He has been with the company for 25 years. Frank also has two grown daughters from his previous marriage along with a six month old granddaughter.

Laura is a veteran Middle School math teacher who has piloted hordes of hormonal teenagers through the stormy seas of math for 25 years. She has two sons, age 20 and 21.

Together, Frank and Laura enjoy catching up on shows like Sherlock and Downton Abbey, and revisiting classic shows like M*A*S*H and Frasier. Independently, Laura enjoys busying around their new home and painting. Frank enjoys drives, nature, and has been known to pedal with our Team THRIVE road-biking LIFE Group.

When asked about God’s presence, both Frank and Laura speak of God’s redemption in their lives. Having both come from marriages ending in divorce, they learned the importance of securing themselves to God, and not to another person.

Even in learning these hard lessons, they share the hope of knowing that ALL of life’s storms will come to a close. Even though times looked dark, God brought them together and has been redeeming their past. Additionally God has been encouraging them to live with financial wisdom, breaking loose from debt and being able to live and give in freedom.

The Fischers also share some of their life verses such as Proverbs 3:5-6, Romans 8:1, and Isaiah 26:3.

Few stories are as powerful as that of the Fischers. Make sure to snag them some Sunday to talk about financial freedom, vintage TV Shows, or to share stories of God’s redeeming power.

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