When I think about the Church (global) many things go through my mind. I am filled with stories of highs and lows; programs that inspired and flopped, and people that have come and gone.

I think of the “first church,” meeting in the upper room, with tongues of fire and a mighty rushing wind (and I pray for a return to the church we see in Acts 2).

I think of sermons I’ve heard and missions trips I’ve been on.

The dominating image that comes to mind (however misguided)… is all the buildings! The meeting places the local church gathers: in homes and school auditoriums, steepled chapels, watching the monitors in monolithic amphitheaters and anywhere and everywhere in between.

Once I rummage through all those thoughts I come to a single conclusion; the Church is neither a building nor something we do.

Jesus would define the Church as those people who fear God, follow Him and are filled with the Spirit. The Church is you and I; gathered together to bring glory to Jesus the Christ, make disciples, encouraging one another and build up other Christians around us!

So when it comes to the Church gathering, what are the components? Leaders-n-followers? Programs? Buildings? Websites? What’s really essential?



1. (adjective) absolutely necessary; extremely important.

2. (noun) a thing that is absolutely necessary.


When I think of essentials I think about the 50-mile backpacking trip I took several years ago with our Boy Scout troop. We carried on our backs everything we needed to survive our trek through the Western Sierras for a week.

We didn’t bring things that would weigh us down; we brought the basics: food, water, and shelter. (Notice soap was not on that list, and it was very noticeable by weeks end!)

It’s amazing all we have that we don’t need!

Join me for the next seven weeks as we discover those things that are absolutely necessary to our faith as Christians and our gathering as the Church… and the church!

Learning to be God’s… and live as Loved!

- Pastor Marty Walker