Occasionally you'll see announcements about "ADVANCE" here at The Sanctuary. But maybe you've wondered, "what is ADVANCE all about?"

ADVANCE is the name of our ministry for men ages 12 and up. We're all about, well... advancing. With the world around us rapidly changing, the necessity to move forward and advance grows increasingly more important.

As The Sanctuary, we strive to define who we are and what we do with the Word of God (the Bible). As men working out our faith we always want to be consistently advancing by:

· Reaching upward to our loving Father in heaven. Before we can “do” anything effectively, we need to “be” a son of God.
· Reaching inward, attempting to live courageously. Truly, NO fear.
· Reaching outward to our families, to a band of brothers who know us, and to our community. We are not islands. We’ve been created for connection with those around us.
· Reaching downward to the generation that follows. We take our position as those that influence the next generation to help them move forward into becoming men and women of God.

For those of you who are looking to grow in these ways, one way we do that is through events like AnchoredMan and other seasonal events where we connect with fellow men, worship together, take in some good teaching and usually take in a good meal. This month, we’ll hear from author and pastor, Jason Graves, as he shares gripping stories of life and death adventures and the vital lessons they reveal for becoming the strong leader and protector God created you to be.

Join us Friday, May 15th from 7 to 9pm and Saturday, May 16th from 8am to 2pm. Cost is $25 and includes coffee, refreshments, lunch on Saturday and a copy of Jason's book. We’ll also have a rock climbing wall available Saturday as a part of Jason's time with us.

Cost goes up to $35 on May 11th, so register today!

For further info on Anchored Man, and more ADVANCE events throughout the year, check out thesanctuarychurch.com/advance, online calendar and our Facebook page for details on all that’s happening with ADVANCE and for various blogs and other resources.