We say it takes a village to raise a child right?  In many cases we say that phrase, but sometimes we don't have the village or the village isn’t even there.  I can honestly say our years at The Sanctuary have proven to us that we have that village!!  

We have been at The Sanctuary for over 10 years now.  We have a daughter, Bree who is 12 and a son, Nathan who is 7.  Bree has gone through the Kids Quest and Break Out programs and is now at UTURN and we are blessed to see the decisions and the path she is on because of her leaders, pastors, and other Disciples of Christ in her life. She was on the CHAMPS worship team and is now on the youth worship team.  She already talks about going to LIFE Pacific College and being a Worship Leader.  Nathan is in the Kids Quest program and a few months ago, he chose to follow Jesus and invite Him into his heart. Just this past month, we were able to see him choose to get baptized. 

Yes, I say the word, "choose."  What a blessing to see anyone CHOOSE Jesus, CHOOSE to follow Him and the path that is less traveled, especially your children.  

The programs that are offered, life groups, our church family, leaders and pastors who have supported us is what has helped us in our walk as parents to raise up the next generation.  To partner with others, pray with others, to help and work in our CHAMPS program and be the hands and feet is what has truly been the blessing.  

Ten years ago, I chose to jump in…It was ALL or NOTHING.  I wanted this.  I chose this.  I chose Jesus and to become a disciple and wanted my family to be a part of it too.  And to see what God has done in our lives even when it has been difficult to trust has been so worth it.  I feel as though God and His Word have come alive!  

I encourage you to get involved...Be the village you talk about and want! Be a part of something that will last forever!  Get your hands and feet wet so God can work through you and create everlasting fruit...Our children!

- Vicky Haban