So why I am doing what I am doing?  I really loved ZOE’s vision and the ZOE Family and thought how could I get more involved.  Then in March 2011 I felt the Lord beginning to move on my heart to become a missionary for ZOE.  As I prayed with friends, and Pastor Marty over a period of two years it became evident for me to be part of this great work.

The thing that drives me is, wanting to see people be all that God intended them to be.  I use to believe in my own life that peace and inner healing would only come once I got to heaven.  But I am here to tell you that is not true.  There is peace and healing on this side of heaven for all.  With God and God’s people walking along side with us this can happen.  I want to walk with some people and help change their story one at a time.

Our home will provide exactly this for children being rescued from human trafficking.  We will start with 6 girls in a home like environment helping them to change their story. The home will have houseparents to be with them 24/7 along with other supporting staff, and volunteers, to help create a family environment.  I am so blessed to be the first houseparent for our home.  Finding the right home and location is critical to these girls receiving healing.  As soon as we have the property and home things are going to move fast. 

If you are interested in helping or want to hear more about this ministry please contact me at  I will be having some more interest meetings in the near future on next steps.

-Vickie McCoy