A long time ago in a Life Group far, far away…

Though these words may be (almost) recognizable as the starting line introducing to George Lucas famous Star Wars series. These words also marked the beginning of the epic romance, of a self-admitted nerdy flavor between Brianna and Scott Wilk.

Newlyweds of seven months, Scott and Brianna first met at a young adult’s Bible study back in 2011. After meeting, Brianna invited Scott to join her at Mark Fortier’s Geeks for God Life Group. After enjoying the galactic epic Star Wars: A New Hope, they began their relationship as their affection became it’s own version of “A New Hope.”

Long time members of the Sanctuary, Brianna has attended some 13 years since her days in UTURN through INTEGRATE. Scott began attending some 7 years ago when he was invited by a friend to the same young adult’s Bible study where he met Brianna. He admits he stayed for the ladies, well one lady…

Scott works as a State Farm Insurance salesman and is working towards becoming an agent. Though he isn’t “Jake from State Farm” he does work with a Jake and has been known to wear khakis. Brianna currently busies herself working as a Psychiatric Nurse for a hospital in Sun Valley. She has her Registered Nurse license, and is working towards a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing.

In their free time they love going to concerts, and they have their personal flair for the nerdy tastes. Scott loves writing both music and short stories. He also enjoys spending time on his guitar. He may confess to a shadowed past playing video games, but he can’t remember much about that. Brianna tells us that her hobbies include reading and annoying Scott. Scott smiles as he nods his agreement.

In parting, we must say that we love this couple… the Force is strong with these ones. We love them so much, that we’re willing to overlook the fact that when asked to be a Family in Focus, they didn’t know what In Focuswas. So snag them on a Sunday morning, strike up a conversation, and trust us when we say, these are the droids you are looking for.