What is Lent? For those who are familiar with Church tradition, two weeks ago started the beginning of Lent. For those of us (like myself) who can get kind of rusty with some of these terms, Lent is a season from Christian tradition that take forty days leading up to Easter to pray and give up certain things in their lives before the coming Easter Sunday.

Though we don’t necessarily observe the Lenten Season at The Sanctuary, we love the diversity of the Body of Christ and their various traditions. As Christians there are some really important and beautiful lessons that we can learn from our sisters and brothers in Christ who participate in Lent.

Lent is purposed for Christians to give up something in their lives in order to help focus on Christ. It is in this self-denial, and slight hardship that they experience in giving up something such as caffeine, meat, television, etc., that we can partake in the suffering of Jesus.

It’s not that we are required to suffer to be saved, Scripture is clear that Jesus paid price once and for all, but in our remembrance of Jesus’ suffering, we are reminded how greatly he suffered for us; and in remembering how greatly he suffered for us, we are stricken silent by the disquieting magnitude of Jesus’ love for us.

I think all who take the time to observe a piece of the Lenten Season will find a treasure. Lets take the next few weeks leading up to Easter and spend some time in prayer, and maybe even some time in fasting to re-receive the message of Jesus’ crucifixion, death and resurrection. Let us remember both the carpenter who healed his neighbor, and the Son of God who conquered the grave— let us remember the suffering Jesus endured for us to be healed— let us remember why it was that we got “fished” in the first place and maybe gain a little courage to “fish” some others, too.

-Joseph Gregory