This last Friday (Feb 20th), 100 Girls Like Me eagerly gathered to spend some valuable and much-needed time together.  The chatter could be heard throughout the building.

There's no doubt about it -- women like to talk and be with one another!

Everyone enjoyed freshly baked lemon bars; chocolate chip cookies, and pumpkin and banana breads, baked by girls like you.  There was even a gluten free sugar cookie option made available.  (Yes, we're thinking of everyone!)

After dessert, we gathered in The Father's House to watch a video, available through Right Now Media titled "Pulling the Thread" by Jen Hatmaker. 

It was a delightful mixture of humor, testimonies and an exhortation by Jen to recognize what we have as Christians in America.  Our wealth is not something to feel guilty about or prideful of, but God is calling us to be responsible with what we've been given.  He wants us to move beyond our comfort zones and into all he has for us. 

The chatter didn't end in the Hospitality Room.  We were able to chat it up again as we moved from rows into circles to talk about the part we can each play in living out our Christian lives responsibly.  That will look different for each woman who was there, but the end result will be becoming a better woman for our world.

The fun's just begun so if you didn't make it this time, plan to join us on April 24th for more of Girls Like Me, desserts and the real and honest Jen Hatmaker!

Choosing responsibility over comfort with you...

- Pastor Debbie