You’ve very likely seen Mark and Karen Fortier around our church! If you haven’t seen them together, maybe you’ve seen Karen, and if you look around lower than Karen’s eye level Mark is likely somewhere nearby.

If you haven’t noticed Mark, look for the blazing light show on our Life Group Start-up Sundays where Mark is likely manning his Geeks for God table. Known for their height difference as well as their outgoing personalities (and sense of humor), we are proud to have counted the Fortier Family as part of our Sanctuary Family for 11 years along with their four kids!

Karen has been a teacher for 26 years, she currently teaches 4th and 5th grade at a Charter School in Gorman. Mark has been performing for years professionally and as a hobby. He currently owns his own DJ business What a Party, and has owned and operated it for the past 16 years.

They have two grown kiddos, Jacob (21), and Hannah (19), as well as teenager Joel (14), and Isabella who recently celebrated her 8th Birthday (Happy Belated Izzie!).

In their time with us they have volunteered with UTURN, and Mark has been an MC for many of our church events (most recently our Music of Christmas). Their kids have all gone through our Children’s and Youth ministries with Joel cracking jokes around UTURN, and Izzie a smiling blonde-blur running around the CHAMPS wing. 

We might also note that Karen had the high-honor of writing the In Focus articles for some time… but don’t mind that.

Mark and Karen have also hosted the Geeks For God Life Group, one of our longer-running groups (now in its fifth year). Though the Geek part is more of Mark’s deal, Karen is grateful for the community GFG brings and the avenue it allows Mark to discuss all things Sci-Fi, so she doesn’t have to bear the brunt. 

As a family they love swimming, game nights, and movies. Independently, Mark loves all things Geek (which he enjoys with his boys) and Karen loves hiking and cycling (anything outside). Izzie is known for her love of horses, and Joel is very talented in Audio/Visual arts, playing guitar as well as a general love of video games in his spare time. 

In their time walking with Jesus, especially as part of our church family, Mark and Karen have been learning a lot about God. Karen recounts learning the process of relinquishing control to God, to trust him and take all things in stride. Mark, having been the consummate performer his whole life has learned “It’s not about me,” referring to the call of the Gospel to worship God and serve others. 

Make sure to snag the Fortiers on a Sunday, introduce yourselves, or just sign up for Geeks for God for our next Start-up Sunday and get to know this fantastic family!