A young man of robust height and kindly disposition, Ethan Kehrli is most widely known as the driver of “Old Besse” his ancient gray Ford Explorer that you may sometimes see (but most often hear) limping through the church parking lot.

Now we will know him by a different name, that name will be… Ethan: The Activate Intern. That’s high praise.

“Why?” You might ask.

ACTIVATE is our hybrid intern program in which we get the opportunity to pour into the next generation. ACTIVATE involves working ministry hours while taking credit hours from LPC to teach these young people about ministry and leadership. 

We are super excited to begin our third year of ACTIVATE with Ethan on board. We are also proud of him for being willing to give time to grow as a leader in Christ. This program is super involved; the interns will invest numerous hours and is no small commitment, especially as he is taking classes at COC concurrently.

Ethan looks forward to getting to some “hands-on” experience and developing his own leadership skills.

A recent high school graduate, and an Eagle Scout (no small feat), Ethan is a multi-talented fellow. He has participated in our CHAMPS, UTURN, and Men’s ministries and has been highly active in all of them. 

Ethan is known for both his friendliness and his humor, he is a self-titled “technology nerd” as he loves gaming.

Ethan also enjoys spending time with friends. He also has been known to spend time in the outdoors, and he (in fact) just spent his summer working at Camp Chawanakee, a Boy Scout camp near Shaver Lake in the Sierra.

Make sure you take some time to say hi to Ethan during his comings and goings! Whether you see him in the CHAMPS wing, over at UTURN, or driving his gas-guzzling monstrosity.