How can we deepen our relationship with God and with one another? I explored this question through the REIMAGINEseries recently in September and October.

Increasingly Christians are finding themselves relating to God instead of having relationship with Him. I asked us to reimagine our lives differently rather than use God as a means to an end… and a lesser one at that!

For eight weeks we explored four postures of relating to God: 1] fear, 2] independence, 3] dependence and 4] religion; none of these were His idea or desire as God has always wanted relationship! Unfortunately, the reason most Christians have settled for one of the other four postures (or, like me, fluctuated between them) is they've never received a clear vision of who God is or observed a vibrant relationship… and so we’ve settled for something less!

So… before we can have that thriving relationship we must comprehend who He is and what He is like. I believe it is possible to stop relating to God as consumers—where He provides a commodity we desire—and instead allow Him to become the focus of our desire?

This whole concept and series of teachings were inspired and taken from a book called WITH by author/pastor Skye Jethani. If you would like to go deeper on reimagining the way you relate to God I encourage you to get this book and discover life WITH faith, WITH hope, WITH love… WITH God!

I hope you’ll process it together WITH someone else! There are a limited number of copies available in our Grow on the Go (resource center) or you can go online and purchase a copy today.

Going Deeper together!

Pastor Marty Walker