MEMBERSHIP people who belong to a social group or an entity such as a company; by extension it can refer to any part of a whole. (it's about belonging)

PARTNERSHIP people who share a common interest and participate in achieving and advancing their common goal; a cooperation between individuals. (it's about placement)

Members are like puzzle pieces spread out on a table; partners are those who do the work of putting it all together, discovering each person’s unique kingdom contribution.

We like to know our place. Most of us sit in the same or similar seat each week. We like to know who's going to be around us… the perspective from that seat. etc.

It isn't until we find where we fit in the global Church (Body of Christ) within the context of alocal church (congregation) that we understand the beauty, synergy, health, creativity, and power of being a specific part (a piece) of the local church.

We settle for so much less than what we were intended for. Too often, we settle for being a disconnected member when we were created to be a connected partner so we could effectively fulfill our God-intended purpose of a specific role in proximity to others.

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