Fire is crazy. I remember as a young boy, like most boys, being fascinated by fire… so much so I actually got grounded for playing with fire while trying to make a bomb I saw MacGuyver make on TV in order to beat the bad guys. Around the campfire it was the way it made the logs almost disintegrate, the way it could turn a marshmallow from a tasty treat to a flying ball of searing pain… the way it brought ruin to the fuel, but heat and life to those huddled around it.

In Exodus chapter 3 God manifests Himself as fire for the first of many times in Scripture. Many are familiar with this account of Moses at the burning bush. God speaks to Moses, calling him to save Israel from captivity in Egypt. Simple.

I mean, this is Sunday school type of stuff right? Moses goes to Egypt, sends some plagues, Pharoah finally gives in, has second thoughts, chases Israel, Moses parts the Red Sea, makes quick getaway, Egyptian army lost in epic water collapse… Simple, right? No.

The reality is, God had much more in mind for Moses and for Israel when he called out from that burning bush on that fateful night… and God has much more for his people today. And just like Moses, it involves us hearing God and taking a step of faith. But why… and how?

For the rest of this 3-part blog series and other posts from our worship teams, check out… and let’s set aside THIS FRIDAY night to have a burning bush moment with God.