Let’s try a quick little exercise: do you remember how it was that you first came to hear of The Sanctuary? Have your answer? Good. Did you happen to see an advertisement? Did you have a family member or friend drag you? Or maybe you were invited to a Sunday Celebration Service or one of our community events? Or perhaps did you wander down past the AM-PM and were so surprised to find a church that you just had to try it out?
All questions aside, we’re willing to bet that you first came to hear of our church through a family member or friend inviting you, or even mentioning us in passing. Here at The Sanctuary, we are all about our growing our church family, bringing in more and more of the people in our community and seeing us each brought to healing, wholeness, and maturity in Christ.
Now this is where you come in (along with our little exercise above). Just think how some of the most important parts of your lives have been made possible because of the people in your lives invited, included, and directed you. The truth is that each of our lives find direction through our relationships with others, and it is most likely that many of you came to know Jesus through the people in your life!
Church, with the Fall season upon us, and with 28 Light Night host homes being opened to our neighborhoods, we are preparing ourselves to be a light during a dark time of the year. We are preparing YOU to have relationship and influence in the lives of those whom you know do not know Jesus, or those who may not have a current church-home.
You may ask “But how can I do that? How can I influence someone’s life? I’m not hosting a Light Night… what can I do?” It’s simple, reach out to your friends, family and neighbors and just invite them to the nearest Light Night host home… or to yours. Let’s use our influence and where God has placed us in our neighborhoods to bring people into a relationship with Jesus. After all your neighbor’s relationship with Jesus will probably begin with a relationship with YOU.