There are some really happy people in this world. Do you know those kind of people who are always saying “Hi” and smiling without ceasing? Well, Jeremiah Bergman is one of those people, and he happens to have quite the smile.

We’re willing to bet that if you haven’t spoken to him, you’ve definitely seen or served alongside Jeremiah Bergman.

Having spent time serving in our UTURN, CHAMPS, INTEGRATE, and ADVANCE ministries. Jeremiah has been attending The Sanctuary for 11 years. Although he spent less time with us through High School, after re-encountering God as a young adult, he threw himself into living his life for Jesus. When discussing his past he loves to emphasize the things that God has done in his life “Living life wave to wave,” he says of learning to live his life for God.

As you may be able to tell, Jeremiah loves spending time at the beach, which isn’t just a great metaphor for his outlook on life, but a place of rest and restoration for him. Jeremiah loves surfing, and he even leads a Life Group called “Catch a Glimpse” in which he and others would gather together, have fellowship, and catch some waves. Jeremiah also loves snowboarding, skateboarding, cooking, coffee, and adventure.

Recently, Jeremiah has been investing his time planning a wedding with his fianceé, Natacheau. In addition to beach going, they both love spending time with their friends in INTEGRATE, our young adults ministry.

Currently Jeremiah divides his work life as a Graphic Designer for our local radio station KHTS, and he works in Visuals Management for SCV HomeTown Web, a local web design firm. Jeremiah also volunteers his talents as a graphic designer for our UTURN teens.

So please, if you’ve never taken the chance, please say “Hi” to Jeremiah, and discuss the finer points of wave riding or graphic design. Plus, you’ll get to experience his dazzling smile firsthand and more importantly you’ll get to understand the joy he’s found in God that makes his smile real.