In our fast paced world characterized by virtual pokes and cloud-based friendships, the value of human touch can be minimized and even forgotten. Facebook friends can never take the place of a warm greeting and genuine care. To look one another in the eyes will always have the greatest relational impact.

Of all the ways that God could reveal his nature and love, he came as one of us. God chose to become human with all the problems and messiness of our humanity in order to be close to us. He wanted to touch us, to cry with us, to eat with us, to celebrate and mourn with us. He didn’t “poke” us from his heavenly “cloud.” He held us so close that we could hear his heart beat (John 13:25).

To love as Christ, is to touch others and experience both their joy and sorrow. It is to be with them on their journey so that they are encouraged to keep going.


At The Sanctuary there is a team of people who serve the Lord by genuinely caring for all who show up on a weekend. They’re our Taggers, Greeters, Ushers, Prayer Teams, New Here Hosts, Receptionist and Welcome Center staff. All of these people are part of our Hospitality team, and we are in need of more people both young and old to join. The commitment is manageable and the reward tangible. To find out more information about serving in this area, go to or sign up at the Welcome Center or in the Hospitality Room.

Grateful to be a part of a congregation that values proximity!