Bob and Carlotta Levy started leading the Child S.H.A.R.E. Life Group many years ago, all because of a simple need, but a great one nonetheless. Those who foster and adopt need to know that they are not alone. They need to talk and be supported! Being a parent has challenges all by itself, but when you are parenting someone else’s child and others like the bio parents, the state, the courts and the Department of Children and Family Services place demands and parameters on your parenting, it becomes much more of a challenge.
The Levys love their group. Over the last nine years they’ve gotten to know dozens of wonderful families. They eat together, watch each other’s children together and draw strength and insight from one another. Each meeting and anywhere in between, they continue to grow, living life together.
Bob feels very strongly about “The Church” being a community (or in his exact words a “village”) centered on Christ that goes through everyday life together, through the good and the bad times. Finding common ground with people is the catalyst to ministry. The Levys believe that the whole Church should be connected to others who have similar interests via Life Groups.
Carlotta says, “You don’t have to be the best facilitator to lead. You just have to initiate. God will bring a facilitator.” Carlotta and another family actually facilitate each gathering while Bob and his team play with the kids. Each gathering they share a potluck meal together and always have enough for visitors.
Is there something about Bob and Carlotta’s story that resonates with you? Would you consider joining Child S.H.A.R.E. or maybe they encouraged you to simply getting involved in another Life Group that you’ve been interested in? For others of you, today is your day to take the step Bob and Carlotta took years ago in leading a group. Now today they lead confidently knowing that God is using them to touch countless lives around them… what lives could be changed by your life?