We think that most parents know how Sundays go: getting up, working to get the kids ready and out the door. Occasionally you get to church early, checking them in, ushering them down the CHAMPS wing, making sure they get to the right room, hustling to get into the Father’s House, nabbing a seat and quickly saying “Hi” to a few friends. Interlude: insert church service. Then you’re hustling out of the Father’s House to beat the throng of fellow parents back down the CHAMPS wing to get your kids before everyone else arrives for theirs. Then you’re turning around and pressing BACK down the hall, shouting a few “hellos,” shooting a few grins and perhaps a knowing grimace to your fellow parents who got there too late. Once you make it out (relatively) intact, you’re focused on loading kids into the car, half-mindedly listening to what they learned in class and on to the rest of your day.

In the center of all the rush, do you ever wonder what it is that goes on down the CHAMPS wing?

For those of us that are unfamiliar, CHAMPS is the name of our children’s ministry here at The Sanctuary. We strive to watch, care for, and teach kids ages ranging from birth through 6th grade. CHAMPS is here to partner with parents to win kids to Jesus for life. However, people who grow up in the Church can at times have an experience, that drives them away from the Church as adults. Many of these same kids, however, learn the truth about Jesus along the way, and come back to Him when real life hits hard later on as adults.

CHAMPS Children’s Ministry seeks to build the relationships and the foundation of Jesus in our kids, no matter the difficulties and changing seasons of life. We do this through teaching, games, friendships and worship (which you may hear their little voices echoing through the halls should you venture down that way on a Sunday). In CHAMPS, just as we are elsewhere here, we are committed to introducing the Gospel, growing together, and for these kids, making sure their early experiences with Jesus are fun, lasting and formative. So if you’ve never thought to bring your kids, or maybe your kids have friends who need some place safe and fun to go on Sundays, please make sure to invite them to be a part of CHAMPS! Interested in volunteering or just have questions? Find me around on Sundays or visit our CHAMPS welcome center.