Rich and Michelle Dorosh seem pretty normal. Yet under their quaint façade there lurks a far more interesting tale.

Those who get to know the Doroshes may come to find out about their eight year age difference, or learn that they dated for five years before getting married. However if one does the math they learn that Michelle and Rich met while she was a high school student and while Rich was 25 and a bodybuilder.

You can’t make this stuff up, but both of the Doroshes smile as they tell their peculiar love story.

After a few months, Rich knew he wanted to marry Michelle. After broaching the subject, Michelle replied, “I’m a CHILD. I’m not saying no, but IF you love me, you’ll wait.” Five years, a high-school diploma, and an awkward prom date (during which the prom photographer grilled Rich on what classes he was taking) later, they married and began a family!

They have been attending The Sanctuary for 10 years, and they’ve been married for 32. They have two children, David (28) who lives in Washington with his wife Kaia; and Samantha (25) who attends The Sanctuary with her husband Tyler.

Aside from Sundays, Rich works in the Quality Assurance department at a local aerospace company. He also has served in our church as an usher and photographer in various capacities. Michelle sings in our Worship Arts ministries, and currently is loving serving our teens over in UTURN. They also served together in our drama ministry, and both of them appeared in last year’s Christmas production of It’s A Wonderful Life.

Together Rich and Michelle love watching movies, going to the beach, and having people over. They also love to serve God and see new people find the freedom of God that Paul speaks of in 2 Cor. 3:17-18. They love their kids and describe themselves as proud parents. They share how they love seeing their kids serve the Lord, and watching God do greater things in them than they ever imagined.