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Surrrender to Love // part one

In a time of unbelievable self-reliance, many resist the concept of surrendering to an authority outside of ourselves. But submission doesn’t need to be seen as threatening, especially when the One to whom we surrender is the epitome of goodness and love.

It All Begins with Love

When applied to the spiritual life, the metaphor of a journey is both helpful and somewhat misleading. Hopefully it reflects the fact that the essence of spirituality is a process—specifically, a process of transformation.


Love and Fear

God understands our tendency to fear, and in gentleness He invites us to let Him rid us of our fears and heal us by His love.

Surrender and Obedience

To rely on our human will for obedience only reinforces our natural willful self-determination. God patiently waits as we learn not just to do what He desires, but to surrender to His love.

Transformed by Love

If God could dare to take the risk of entering our world in vulnerability, maybe we could take the risk of meeting Him in our weakness. Perfect Love is only received when we stop defending ourselves.

Becoming Love

Love aligns us with the basic design plan for the universe. The love of God is the most basic ingredient in the cosmos. God’s love is an unending source in us that others must experience through us.