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Get into the chair that will change your life...

An introduction to A Life That THRIVES. In discovering our spiritual frequency - how we “tune-in” to hear God – we’ll grow closer to God through the way He made us and move from good and better to best!

Establishing our ROOTS (pt. 1) Cultivating the Soil

A Life That THRIVES is based on how we attend to four spiritual roots. Reading the Bible is the primary root of discipleship. Our responses to God’s revelation of Himself allow us to establish three more non-negotiable roots in our lives.

Establishing our ROOTS (pt. 2) The Work

A Life That THRIVES puts our devotion into motion. With several practical “how-to’s” Pastor Marty details the four roots needed to establish our lives in strength, both deep and wide.

Our Trunk: growing strong & tall

Are we growing Strong? …both TALL & WIDE? We want wider and far-reaching influence, and God wants us to have that kind of life and legacy but it won’t come without us intentionally deepening our relationship with Him. 

OUR TRUNK: giving God P.L.A.C.E. in our lives

What is prepared in private will eventually be observed in public. A life that THRIVES consistently increases the P.L.A.C.E for God to maximize our growth.

OUR TRUNK: Community Groups

Though culture might tell us we can “do life” on our own terms, God's Word tells us we can't function without connection. Moving from individualism requires our commitment to community.


We all struggle somewhere; having a partner to be open and honest with is key to our overcoming the battles. GROWth Groups are where Christian friends can be safe in vulnerable transparency, while prayerfully helping one another through daily living.  

OUR BRANCHES: growing strong & wide

Spiritual formation often includes small groups, Bible studies and worship times; this all describes WHAT disciples are doing. Jesus empowers His followers by showing them HOW to do those things.

OUR FRUIT: a Life Review

When it comes to spiritual fruit, what are the signs we’re actually growing to be more like Jesus today than we were yesterday? Spiritual maturity cannot be measured by how long we’ve been on the path, but it can be tested; introducing the THRIVE Life Review.

OUR REST: saying “YES!” to “no.” 

Many people in discovering they’re burning the candle at both ends—are asking where they can get more wax! But the answer to burnout lies in learning how to rest. The Sabbath was God’s prescription, and begins by learning to say “YES!” to “No.”

A Life That Thrives | Review

The Bible says our hearts can get calloused against God. It is not intentional, but our hearts get dull. We have to recondition them and reopen our eyes to see Him fresh again.