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The Christmas season can be hectic with expectation, anticipation, and preparation. Advent is all about waiting too; not just in celebrating the birth of Jesus the Christ in his First Advent, but also longing for the return of Christ the King in his Second Advent. Join us in the journey of hope, joy, love, and peace of the Christmas season.

A Journey of HOPE

Is Christmas a season of struggling expectations: financial, relational, emotional, and commercial? Be encouraged—that’s exactly where hope shines brightest.

A Journey of LOVE

Do you wonder if God’s love is meant for you? Let’s explore a love that was present from the creation of the world and is more than enough for each and every person.

A Journey of JOY

Joy can be the fuel that brightens our journey. Joy is often misunderstood in its connection to happiness. What makes joy so amazing is it regularly shows up in situations where it may be least expected.

A Journey of PEACE

When we think of peace, we often think of the absence of adversity, worry, violence, and anxiety. Our journey is not immune from those things; in fact, they are often central to our story.