Jesus isn’t building a Church on individuals; but He is using individuals to build His Church. The building starts when you and I take our discipleship seriously.

Importance of Discipleship: Answering the WHY? Why should I become a disciple of Jesus? Why is discipleship so important?

INTERgenerational Discipleship: on the surface it would seem like the church has an organization problem; but the real problem, and the real solution, isn’t organizational—it’s personal.

Emerging Leader Discipleship. Scripture is clear that parents are the primary disciple-makers in the lives of their children; the church is called to partner with parents in the discipleship process.

What is Discipleship? What’s the difference between a Christian… a believer… a Jesus follower… and a disciple? No matter what they’re called, the better question is, “Are you one?”

Benefits of Discipleship: Wherever discipleship happens, it involves honesty, seeking advice—specifically of Scripture—and willingness to follow guidance and instruction.

The Great Commission is a calling to every believer. It was the command to take discipleship to the world! How is this accomplished? Here are two primary ways the multiplication of discipleship happens every day.

Blueprint for Discipleship. Faithful & Trustworthy. These two words are non-negotiables when it comes to discipleship.