The Christmas season can be hectic with expectation, anticipation, and preparation. Advent is all about waiting too; not just in celebrating the birth of Jesus the Christ in his First Advent, but also longing for the return of Christ the King in his Second Advent. Join us in the journey of hope, joy, love, and peace of the Christmas season.

Much of what we do, see and spend our time on could be considered "worthless." Through this series, we will see how God's Spirit living in and through us can make changes in how we talk, what we watch, and what demands our attention.

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Life is about many things. We often make assumptions and judgements based on our experiences. This series opens our eyes to some of the harder issues we face and reminds us that there is more to church, addiction, grief and counseling than what our pre-conceived notions might tell us.

To understand stewardship is to grasp the essence of life’s meaning. To practice stewardship is to fulfill that meaning in a way that pleases God and satisfies the most profound of our human desires.



Telling others about Jesus becomes easier, and more effective, if we concentrate on the “foursquare” gospel — Jesus Christ as (1) Savior, (2) Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, (3) Healer, and (4) Soon-Coming King.

There have been spiritual revivals throughout church history that have left remnants on each culture they touched. The Holy Spirit is the one who leaves behind these high-water marks. God is still searching for people willing to penetrate their world for His Kingdom through the supernatural empowerment of the Holy Spirit.


Community is such a familiar word. We hear it regularly in the community. It is used so often we may not really understand what it means until it’s tested. In this series we’ll look at and explore the communities found within our community.

If you’ve lived in Southern California for any amount of time, you’ve probably experienced the earth moving under your feet. The plates are shifting underground while humans are panicking aboveground. But what about those earthquake moments where the shift is emotional or relational? It can feel just as seismic and can often send us into the same panic mode. Join us on Resurrection Sunday and be encouraged, God’s already got everything under control; there’s no need to panic. He is risen, just as He said! 

A Life That Thrives is based off Pastor Marty's new book of the same title. The series is an introduction for you to discover a natural, organic spiritual growth process. By following four essential and intricately-linked parts of the "Thrive Tree" - daily belonging; weekly becoming; regularly bearing; and always being - you will go deeper, spread wider, reach higher, grow stronger and have a life that THRIVES!


Perhaps more than any other season in the Christian calendar, Advent acknowledges the already-and-not-yet mystery of the Kingdom of God. In remembering the anticipation of Christ’s first coming, we acknowledge and cultivate our anticipation of His second coming. 

Jesus isn’t building a Church on individuals; but He is using individuals to build His Church. The building starts when you and I take our discipleship seriously.

Politics has never been a neutral topic. It has the power to divide us instead of bring us together. What would it look like if Christians filtered their politics through their faith rather than filtering their faith through their politics?

As we do most summer's at The Sanctuary, we take a break from our normal series and take a look at the Psalms, The "Psummer" Psalms. Pastor Marty has other pastors on staff share their perspectives on different Psalms in the Bible.

Jesus was the Master… of conversations! He had so many conversations with so many people. He talked along the road, on a hillside, on a boat, in the Temple and over a meal. In this series we’ll explore how Jesus communicatedto, cared for, and connected with people. We’ll study numerous conversations for information (expositorally) AND transformation! (topically) …EXPOSITOPICALLY!

The Bible is our guide to God’s pattern for living. This series will be transformational, not just financially, but in every area of life: marriage, family, health and relationships, because when God changes our heart from selfishness to generosity, every part of our life is affected.