Life is crazy -- sometimes amazing and difficult at others. Through the ups and downs of birth and death, marriage and divorce, relational health and brokenness, promotions and lay-offs, the trials and victories of our lives hit us all in different ways. But in one thing we are the same. We all need help.

For some, it's the guidance needed to navigate marital conflict or addiction. For others it's the community that rallies to prepare meals when a loved one passes away or when you welcome that new little one into this world. And yet for others still it's a box of food to carry you through to that next paycheck when employment becomes scarce.

The Bible guarantees that we will face difficult times, but that Jesus is our hope, our peace and our victory in them (John 16:33).

At The Sanctuary we strive to be a safe place no matter what season you find yourself in. For more information on our Visitation and Guidance ministries, please contact our pastor of Care Ministries, Jen Lord, as we want to make sure you have every opportunity available to endure your storm with grace, peace and in the the community we were made for.

Contact our CARE Pastor, Jen Lord at 661.252.7255 x322 or email her below.

Download our Guidance Brochure here

Download our Guidance Brochure here