Missions @ The Sanctuary
missions at the Sanctuary

Our Mission

Who We Are & What We Do

We grow a community of missionaries, where each person undertands and is equipped to fulfill their God-given purpose of helping others fully embrace God's love and truth.

Our Vision

What God Has Called Us to Accomplish

To make a profound impact on our world through:

Relationship | The on-going, interdependent friendship between individuals.  Partnership | The cooperative relationship between individuals, charaterized by mutual responsibility and benefit.  Empowerment | the conditions and resources for on-going success.


Missions Trip Interest

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. If you are interested in a specific team/trip, please indicate that here


Upcoming Events

ZOE Thailand Trip

coming later in 2014
The team is already preparing and as we partner with ZOE International, we're asking you to pray for provision and safety for the team as they prepare and go. Stay tuned here for details on how YOU can "go with" this team through your prayers and support.

monthly missions giving focus

Our Monthly Focus

Each month at The Sanctuary we focus on a ministry, organization or local event to partner with financially and even with our time serving as a congregation. These organizations include ZOE Children's Home, The Santa Clarita Valley Pregnancy Center and many different missionaries sent out through Foursquare Missions International (through our denomination, The Foursquare Church). Our passion and dedication to seeing the Good News of Jesus spread includes those across the sea and across the street. This month for our missions focus, we will be partnering with Three Angels Children's Relief.  This organization demonstrates the love of Jesus by serving those living in the extremely difficult conditions of Haiti. 50% of kids under five are malnourished and 98% of children do not graduate from high school.

Three Angels wants to change these statistics by providing hope and assistance to at-risk families. Their desire is to help them on a journey towards a healthy, sustainable life for their children. This is accomplished through their Angel House Orphanage, Three Angels Christian Academy, Three Angels Medical Clinic and through job creation. Join us this month as we partner with Three Angels to help children in Haiti become all that God intended them to be.