At The Sanctuary we believe that all Christians are on mission for Jesus. Some of us travel around the world, some work hard in our own countries to resource those traveling, some go on short term trips to foreign countries, some serve locally at a food pantry or homeless shelter, but no matter how it looks, we're all called to give, pray, and to go serve somewhere.

Our Monthly Cause 

Each month at The Sanctuary we focus on a ministry, organization or local event to partner with financially and even with our time serving as a congregation. These organizations include ZOE Children's Home, The Santa Clarita Valley Pregnancy Center and many different missionaries sent out through Foursquare Missions International (our denomination, The Foursquare Church). Our passion and dedication to seeing the Good News of Jesus spread includes those across the sea and across the street.


What if changing the world for Jesus was as simple as walking across the street? Well, it might be that simple. Or at least it can start there. 

In 2016 we are continuing to reach out to the elementary school across the street. Valley View Community school recently got a massive facility upgrade, but like anyone their needs are deeper than structures and programs. That's where WE come in!

With Project SCV, we will be supporting specific events and projects with our finances, our abilities and most importantly, our time. Every couple months we will be sharing a new way we can partner with the faculty, the PTA and our own Project SCV leadership team in changing the lives of the kids and families at Valley View.

These last couple months have been amazing as we have actively stepped up as a church to bless the teachers and faculty at Valley View elementary. WE have given over 90 gifts to make Teacher Appreciation week better than ever for more than 30 teachers! Check out our Instagram to see many of those who have given!

We also made hundreds of desserts for Valley View's Father-Daughter dance which was one of their best turnouts ever for that event. We will be doing similar for the Mother-Son Laser Tag night coming a couple weeks.

As we look to continue blessing them we are also giving to help fund and staff their outdoor movie night coming in June.

We've got lots in store for the summer and the balance of the year. Stay tuned! If you wanna give or help out click below.


17 people from The Sanctuary are in Belmopan and other parts of Belize through April 9th. Please join with us and pray for them as they serve and minister to the people of Belize, including Foursquare missionary Lee Brockinton and his family. Sign up and you'll get a daily email reminder of how you can pray for the team.