At The Sanctuary we believe that all Christians are on mission for Jesus. Some of us travel around the world, some work hard in our own countries to resource those traveling, some go on short term trips to foreign countries, some serve locally at a food pantry or homeless shelter, but no matter how it looks, we're all called to give, pray, and to go serve somewhere.

Each month we take the opportunity to focus on one organization, country or cause in order to spread the Good News of Jesus.

Our Monthly Cause 

Each month at The Sanctuary we focus on a ministry, organization or local event to partner with financially and even with our time serving as a congregation. These organizations include ZOE Children's Home, The Santa Clarita Valley Pregnancy Center and many different missionaries sent out through Foursquare Missions International (through our denomination, The Foursquare Church). Our passion and dedication to seeing the Good News of Jesus spread includes those across the sea and across the street.

JANUARY | Foursquare Missions Press

Foursquare Missions Press, provides free printed materials for local and national evangelism.  They also provide literature for leadership training and new believer follow up.  

Recently Missions Press sent a mobile printing press worth approx. $25,000 to a pastor in Turkey who needed the press as soon as possible to reach thousands of Kurdish and Syrian refugees in Turkey. He is on the front lines of this refugee crisis caused by the terrorist group, Isis.

This mobile press was sent prior to all the funds being collected to pay for it because of the enormity and time sensitivity of the need. This month we are partnering with Foursquare Missions Press to help fund this project that is already changing lives.