At The Sanctuary we believe that all Christians are on mission for Jesus. Some of us travel around the world, some work hard in our own countries to resource those traveling, some go on short term trips to foreign countries, some serve locally at a food pantry or homeless shelter, but no matter how it looks, we're all called to give, pray, and to go serve somewhere.

OUR MARCH FOCUS // Park Sierra Spring Community Event 

This month we will be giving our finances, beyond the tithe, to help the Park Sierra Apartment complex (located at 18414 West Jakes Way in Canyon Country) host a spring event for residents, many who are facing difficult challenges socioeconomically, while living in an area of the valley that has experienced higher incidents of crime. Planned for March 31st (10am-2pm), this event will provide families access to community services, amidst a fun environment with games and food. Let's make a tangible impact together! 


What if changing the world for Jesus was as simple as walking across (or down) the street? Well, it might be that simple. Or at least it can start there. 

We have been reaching out to the elementary school across the street. Valley View Community school recently got a massive facility upgrade, but like anyone, their needs are deeper than structures and programs. That's where WE come in! We also are working with Golden Valley High School down the street by coming alongside their Parents, Awareness, Workshops & Support (P.A.W.S.) Center.

With Project SCV, The Sanctuary has been and will continue throughout the year to support specific events and projects with our finances, our abilities and our time. We are partnering with these schools and our own Project SCV leadership team in changing the lives of the kids and families in our valley.