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About Life Groups

Life Groups are inclusive small gathering of individuals from The Sanctuary and their friends, who meet regularly around a specific common interest. Their purpose is to promote healthy relationships, which empower us to fully embrace God’s love and truth.

Life Groups are places to connect with others, grow as a disciple and/or serve others. There are Life Groups for geeks, cyclist, hikers, young people and older people. There are Bible and book studies.

There are three, 12-week trimesters per year: January-April, May-August and September-December. Each trimester begins with a Start Up Sunday where information about specific Life Groups is made available. 

Life Groups provide a much needed place for us to “work out” God’s plan for our life. Close Christ-centered relationships allow us to see God working in one another’s lives. All are encouraged to engage in healthy, supportive relationships with others through Life Groups. 

Why join a Life Group? Check out this video on the importance of community, from Pastor Zack about how a Life Group might be the very thing you need to find God and find the connection you're looking for.

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