GIRLS LIKE ME | Women ages 12 and up

Girls of all ages, celebrating the feminine heart by sharing real life together, fully embracing God's love and truth.

DEBBIE WALKER Pastor of Women's Ministries


Pastor of Women's Ministries

A bit more in depth...
Women are usually too busy taking care of everyone else and not themselves. The “tug-of-war” between responsibilities, family and relationships pulls them in all directions. So many women work full-time, both inside and outside the home, creating women in need of renewal. If any of this describes you, we think it's time for change!

Opportunities of camaraderie and friendship are in store for you during times of sharing meals, practical teaching, social activities around town and worshiping God together through special seasonal events and regular Life Groups just for girls like you. The teaching topics and venues may vary from gathering to gathering, but the outcome is always the same: you go home ready to tackle your life once again. Our goal is to provide a safe place for women to meet, share, and live our faith together.

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Including more gatherings, more Life Groups for women and more opportunities for growth, including another guest speaker.