What does it mean to live in Christian community? First and foremost, it’s seriously messy spirituality. In the midst of discipleship formation: prayer, worship, forgiveness, service, etc., community is about focused living on both corporate and personal faith. And while it is personal, it’s not—in any way—private! We’re learning how to live with a consistent Kingdom mindset through communion with God and connection with others… and this is where real community happens.

Not Just... CHURCH

Church is MORE! More than Sunday mornings. More than a box to be checked off. More than a duty/obligation. More than a weekly fill-up for our spiritual tank.


Addiction is MORE! More than alcohol and drugs. More than approval and applause. More than eating and shopping.

Not Just... GRIEF

Grief is MORE! More than death. More than a season. More than a process of loss. More than letting go and moving on.