What does it mean to live in Christian community? First and foremost, it’s seriously messy spirituality. In the midst of discipleship formation: prayer, worship, forgiveness, service, etc., community is about focused living on both corporate and personal faith. And while it is personal, it’s not—in any way—private! We’re learning how to live with a consistent Kingdom mindset through communion with God and connection with others… and this is where real community happens.

Telling others about Jesus becomes easier, and more effective, if we concentrate on the “foursquare” gospel — Jesus Christ as (1) Savior, (2) Baptizer with the Holy Spirit, (3) Healer, and (4) Soon-Coming King.

Jesus is THE Savior

Jesus is THE Savior forgiving and taking away our sins!


Jesus is THE HEALER, taking away our sicknesses and infirmities!