At The Sanctuary we are passionate about seeing people's lives change. We believe that one of the key indications of that change as a Christian is what the Bible calls baptism. Simply put baptism is the public display and professing of a change that has already transpired in a person's heart by accepting Jesus Christ as his/her Savior and Lord.

Our next Baptism
October 29th, both services

Come join us as we celebrate baptisms outside!  We will have a food truck for dinner (or you can bring your own), a time of worship and then the baptisms.  If you want to be baptized pick up a packet at our front entrance, email or call Pastor Jen at 661-252-7255, x322.  You won’t want to miss this night together!

Want to get baptized?

Download our Baptism packet, fill it out and send it to Pastor Jen Lord to participate in our next Baptism event (date noted above). Congratulations you're on your way to making a huge step in your walk with Jesus!!

Want to know more about Baptism?

Download our short reader to understand the Biblical principles, Jesus' commands and Pastor Marty's heart for seeing all Christians at The Sanctuary baptized